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July 2015

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Summer Reading 2015: Unmask

unmaskFor a full Teen Summer Reading Program schedule, download a PDF brochure here: Teen Programs Brochure Summer 2015, or keep an eye on our website’s event calendar.

The Teen Summer Reading Program theme for 2015 is Unmask, and programming focuses on super heroes and villains. The Summer Reading Program runs for eight weeks, from Monday, June 8 through Saturday, August 1. Teens ages 13 through 18 are invited to sign up, regardless of residency, beginning June 1. Please call the library at (814) 432-5062 or stop by to register.

There are a few things to note about the Teen Summer Reading Program.

  • You need to sign up. Be sure to give your name, age, email, and current phone number. Please make sure all your information is up to date. We cannot give you your prizes if we cannot contact you.
  • You need to sign a reading contract. Set a goal for yourself! This year you will record how many hours you have read, instead of the number of books. You can set your own goal. If you meet your reading goal by August 1, you can win a prize!
  • You can win more prizes at the end of the summer by filling out an Unmask Review Sheet for every book you read. Simply write the title and the name of the author, and give it a star rating from 5 stars (great) down to 1 star (no good). You can also give a review, or an explanation as to why you thought the book was great or not. Once you’ve filled in the sheet, make sure a librarian signs his/her name on bottom as well as the date, then turn it in. Reviews without a librarian’s signature WILL NOT be counted for the prize drawing. If you give a thoughtful review, Miss Kathleen will post it on the YA bulletin board for everyone to read! No names will be shared, just the reviews. All Unmask Review Sheets are due by August 1.
Hero Movie Night for Teens & Adults

Join your friends at the library every other Wednesday night (July 1, 15 & 29) from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM to watch a hero themed movie. Not for children, these movies are for teens and adults. Stop in or call the library to see what movie will be shown each week (our movie license prohibits us from sharing the titles online).

Comic Con 2015: Superheroes

sueprhero friendsDust off your Bat Mobile, and put on your cape and mask! You are officially invited to our 2nd Annual Comic Con!

Comic Con 2015 is at the library on July 25 from 12:00 Noon to 2:00 PM. The theme is Superheroes, and there is tons of fun for all ages. Activities include a superhero and super villain cosplay contest (more info below), a Make-A-Superhero art contest, a superhero trivia game (more info below), superhero crafts, a comic book background booth for photos, and snacks!

The winners of the Teen Short Story Writing Contest and Superhero Art Contest will also be announced.

Comic Con 2015 is free and open to all children and teens, along with their families.

Cosplay Contest @ Comic Con 2015

Come to Comic Con 2015 dressed as your favorite Superhero or Super Villain character! Anyone age 0-18 can enter to win. Just show up in your costume and sign up for your age category in order to be judged.

Costumes must be school appropriate!! No costumes showing your midriff are allowed, and this includes Super Girl and Starfire costumes. If you are dressing as Wonder Woman, Raven, or anyone similar, please wear tights or a skirt. If you are dressing as He-Man, or anyone similar, please wear a shirt.

Need ideas? Consider the heroes and villains from the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Justice League, Fantastic Four, Rogues Gallery, Green Arrow, Teen Titans, Deadpool, X-Men, Sailor Moon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, He-Man, Legend of Zelda … and more.

Super Hero Trivia Contest @ Comic Con 2015

How well do you know your capes and cowls from your masked villains? Show off your superhero trivia knowledge knowledge at Comic Con 2015.

We will have sheets filled with trivia questions from your favorites of superhero lore. To enter the contest, jut fill one out and hand it in! At the end of Comic Con, we will reveal the answers and the winner. Please refrain from using mobile phones, and forms will not be accepted if they have left the room.

Teen Superhero Art Contest

sueprhero bookTeens, from ages 11 through 19, are invited to share their creative skills with us and the library community in a Teen Superhero Art Contest! (Younger children can enter the Elementary Kids’ Art Contest or the Toddler & Preschool Art Show).

Art will be judged in three age categories: 11 through 13; 14 through 16; and 17 through 19. All entries must be delivered to the library by Friday, June 19 with a completed entry form in order to be judged for the contest. Entry forms are available at Neverending Stories and the library.

Create your art work as a painting or drawing no larger than 8.5″ x 11″ (no three dimensional elements please!). You must create a hero with a name, at least one superpower, a logo, and his/her secret identity. Your hero must be original! It cannot be a current hero from published works or movies.

The contest winner will be announced at Comic Con 2015 on Saturday, July 25, and the winner’s art will be on display during the event. First place winners will receive a contemporary 1-1/4″ wood frame in Matte Black finish, one conservation mat in any color, and premium clear glass from Victorian City Art & Frame! Second and third place winners receive gift certificates for Victorian City Art & Frame.

Many thanks to Seneca Printing, Victorian City Art & Frame, and Neverending Stories for sponsoring the Teen Superhero Art Contenst.

Teen Anime Club

Teen Anime Club is a celebration of the cartoons from the amazing culture of Japan! We watch an Anime (Japanese animated cartoon), do round table discussions, play Japanese games, and learn a Japanese word of the day.

The club meets biweekly on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month (July 14 & 28) from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM. The Teen Anime Club is open to ages 13 to 18. Pre-registration is required and a parent must be present to sign the registration form.

Programs on Summer Break
  • Thunder: Teen Dinner & Gaming

Thunder is on summer break. See you in the fall!

Thunder is a weekly dinner and gaming group for teens in 6th through 12th grade. Join Miss Kathleen for Wii games, board games, and dinner. Registration is not required, but Thunder is limited to the first 15 kids who sign in each week.