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January 30, 2017 - Sponsored by Courtney Cox in memory of Joanne Cox

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Meeting Room Rental

Our second floor meeting room is available for rent. The room rental rate is $35 for up to four hours, and $50 for over four hours.  For repeat customers within a calendar year, once payment has been received for three rentals, the fourth is free.  In order to ensure the expected rental date, payment is required with the reservation.  The library reserves the right to assess a fee for any meetings canceled less than one week in advance.

By order of the Fire Marshall, the maximum number of people in the room is 72.

Smoking and open flames – including candles! – are prohibited in all areas of the library, including meting room, kitchen, restrooms, and entrance ways.

Children must be supervised at all times, and are not permitted to play on the stage, doorways, or stairs.

Dancing, jumping, and other strenuous activities are not permitted in the Meeting Room.

Lessee is responsible for providing their won cups, plates, napkins, etc., as well as any food used.

The Meeting Room is available for use during regular hours of library operation. Prior approval must be given for any meeting outside of those hours, and an additional fee may be assessed to cover staffing costs.

Lessee is responsible for all cleanup of the kitchen and meeting room, including any equipment used.  The library is not responsible for storing leftover food.  Garbage must be disposed of in an appropriate manner, and all cleaned recyclable containers deposited int he recycling bucket.  A fee of $20 will be charged if lessee does not leave the facility in the condition they found it.

The library assumes no responsibility except to provide the requested space and furniture as directed, light, heat, and/or air conditioning.

The library is not responsible for lost, misplaced, or stolen items.

The lessee shall pay for any damage done to the library or its furnishings during the period contracted with the lessee.