Mission & History

The Franklin Public Library was founded in 1894 and has had several homes, although its current location on Twelfth Street has been its home since 1921.

The original structure was built in 1849 as a residence and required extensive renovations in 1921 to make it suitable for library use.  A children’s room was added in 1964 and another wing was added for the adult collection in 1978.  Both of these additions greatly expanded the public use areas of the library.

Enjoy a virtual tour of the library, made possible by the students of Rocky Grove High School.

Mission Statement: The Oil Region Library Association (ORLA) is dedicated to enriching the lives of our community, encouraging lifelong learning and providing access to information and resources.

Vision: ORAL nurtures a diverse, educated and inclusive community in all of Venango County.

Core Values: ORLA will guide accomplishment of our Mission and Vision by:

  1. Being a warm and welcoming place for community members to gather.
  2. Being actively engaged in the life of the community.
  3. Employing a collaborative, creative, and positive staff focused on library users’ interests and needs.
  4. Being good stewards of the ORLA’s financial and material resources.
  5. Ensuring ready, equal, and equitable access to library materials.
  6. Protecting confidentiality of library patron records.
  7. Championing everyone’s right to intellectual freedom.