May 7, 2016, was sponsored
In Memory of Garnet Wood
by the Board of Directors of the Franklin Public Library
May 6, 2016, was sponsored
In Memory of Joanne Cox
by Courtney Cox.
May 2, 2016, was sponsored
In Honor of All Mothers
by Merralee Obenrader - Edward Jones

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In order to use Overdrive, you will need to stop by your library and get your new county card, good for use at all three county libraries, and required for Overdrive.
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Get a Card

Follow these easy steps to sign up for a library card.

  • Do you live in our service area?  We serve the following 13 municipalities:
  1. Barkeyville Borough
  2. Canal Township
  3. City of Franklin
  4. Clinton Township
  5. Clintonville Borough
  6. Frenchcreek Township
  7. Irwin Township
  8. Mineral Township
  9. Polk Borough
  10. Sandy Creek Township
  11. Sugarcreek Borough
  12. Utica Borough
  13. Victory Township
  • Come to the library.  Bring a piece of mail that has your name and current address, as well as a photo ID (Driver’s License would be best).  If you are under 18, you will need to bring a parent with you.
  • Fill out a registration card.  If you’d like to check out DVDs, VHS tapes, or audiobooks, sign the appropriate agreement.  If you’d like to use the internet, sign the internet policy.  If you are under 18, you will need to bring a parent to sign the Internet policy.
  • Sign the back of your new card and start borrowing!  Here are our policies regarding borrowing.